Why fly with us?

Why fly with us? 5 great reasons…

  • IAS_070Training Staff and Conditions: Our Head of Training, Chief Flight Instructor and Flight Instructors are highly experienced personnel who train with great vigor and dexterity. They are lively and create for a comfortable learning social environment. Our calm and sunny skies also allow for a further measure of comfort when learning, as it allows for more learning as opposed to tense conditional based environments, especially important at the elementary stages of learning. The training is conducted at Botswana’s biggest international airport, which allows for interactive conditions with larger commercial aircraft as well as the use (and learning) of international airport ground instruments for advanced and commercial procedure flying.
  • SONY DSCMixed Fleet of Old and New Generation Aircraft: IAS believes in providing a broad aircraft exposure to students during their course. As such, our fleet comprises of old and new generation aircraft. We are able to train students on conventional (analogue) and digital (glass) cockpits as well as on different aircraft design configurations. Slow, fast, single-engine, twin-engine, low wing, high wing, tail-draggers… we have them all. Our fleet consists of Cessna 150, Cessna 172, Sling 2, Piper Cherokee 180, Piper Arrow II, Piper Seneca and Beechcraft Baron 55 aircraft.


  • img41-300x199A growing and interactive aviation community: IAS is a proud member of the Kalahari Flying Club (KFC) and has also made tremendous inroads to improve working relations with the buzzing and aviation-critical Okavango Delta Air Operators. The Club and a growing number of the Delta Operators are increasing their support and involvement in the development of the aviation industry and with particular interest in flight training. The Okavango Delta (in Maun), offers a great opportunity for young pilots to rapidly learn and earn career critical hours, in a discipline and safety demanding environment. This is where bush flying, mental aptitudes and customer-service skills are honed and mastered.


  • img51-300x199Supportive State President and Government: To the VERY best of our knowledge, no other country in the WORLD has a President who has such great passion for aviation that he personally pins the wings of students that qualify for their respective pilot licenses, in Botswana. This is always a ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ moment for all students, as they get to interact with the President Ian Khama during this special annual ceremony that is organized by the Club. President Ian Khama has a current Commercial Pilot License and has been a Patron of the club for a whopping 33years! The Government of Botswana is also very supportive of training conducted in Botswana and as such, does not apply Value Added Tax on educational programs. Again, which other country do YOU know, that does not charge this Tax on students?


  • img61-300x199Safe and Secure Nation: The country of Botswana is well known for its safety and security enjoyed by all its citizens, residents and visitors. We are a nation of calm and welcoming attributes. Levels of crime in Botswana are the lowest in the region, not to mention that those that do happen are usually very petty. This creates a great training environment for local and international students to enjoy.


“Learn to fly, with us.”