Private Pilot License

Private  Pilot License

  • SONY DSCA Private Pilot License is an entry level license into enjoying the marvels of flight. You need to be 17 years or older to commence with the Private Pilot License training and be able to go solo. As it is a leisure and recreation license, a holder may fly with family and or friends in good flying conditions and during daylight.
  • A minimum number of 40 flying hours and the passing of all eight (8) theoretical examinations is required by the Civil Aviation Authority of Botswana (CAAB) to test you for issuance of a PPL.
  • A PPL at IAS entails the following components:
Full Time Unit
Basic Training    4 15.0 hrs
Consolidation    2   6.5 hrs
Advanced Handling    4 15.0 hrs
Completion    2   3.5 hrs
Ground School Lectures    2   1 Pack
Course Print Material   1 Pack
Total 14 Weeks 40.0 hrs

Course Duration: It can take up to 4 Months to complete a PPL, should you train full time.

Course Commencement: On-going