IAS Values


The School is a community of scholars, students and staff. A community implies the shared acceptance by its members of common values. The concept of values implies not only rights but also obligations, for the community itself and for its individual members.

This Statement of Values provides a framework that informs and governs what is considered by the School community to be appropriate and acceptable behaviour. The Statement also serves as the foundation for a range of School policies and guides the management of particular aspects of School life.

As a value-based community, we aspire to an encompassing ethics which:-

  • Promotes academic excellence and the attainment of the institutional goal of becoming a world-class African Aviation School.
  • Preserves what is valuable in the history of the institution and of this country, and responds to the challenges thereof; posed.
  • Achieves socio-economic transformation, empowerment and participative governance.
  • Affirms and protects the fundamental human rights enshrined in the Constitution of the Republic of Botswana.
  • Encourages the institution and all its members to accept responsibility for the welfare of the community and for behaving in accordance with these community values.


We commit ourselves to:

  • Protection and responsible use of the School’s assets and resources.


In the context of our recent history, we recognize the importance of affirming this moral belief and promoting these shared values. Accordingly, we undertake collectively and individually:-

  • To promote and protect academic freedom.
  • To oppose and take steps to prevent racial, gender or other forms of unfair discrimination, harassment, violence or abuse.
  • To actively promote social justice and equity.
  • To nurture a culture of learning and professionalism of which is supportive of students, scholars, instructors, managers and leaders.
  • To refrain from speech or conduct that demeans or humiliates others.
  • To encourage our members to enjoy life, to laugh to love, to appreciate and take full advantage of the wealth of opportunities available to us in academic endeavour, in making friends, and in social, cultural and sporting activity.
  • To advance the principle of open governance and to be fully accountable for our actions decisions, and the stewardship of the School’s resources and mission.
  • To nurture and empower our members.