Mission Statement


 Our mission is to be an outstanding teaching and research aviation academic institution, educating and training aviation professionals for life and addressing related challenges facing our socio –economy environment.

Educating and training for life means that our academic process must provide:-

  • A foundation of skills, knowledge and versatility that will last a lifetime, despite a changing aviation environment;
  • Practical and research-based teaching and learning;
  • Critical inquiry in the form of the search for new knowledge,  better understanding; and an active developmental role in aviation and or aerospace in relation to the socio-economic, political and  scientific environment.
  • Addressing the related challenges facing our socio-economy means that we must come to terms with our past, be cognisant of the present socio-economic situation, and plan for the future.

In this, it is central to our mission that we:-

  • Recognise our location in Africa and our historical context;
  • Claim our place in the international community of professional piloting and overall aviation scholars;
  • Strive to transcend the legacy of scarce aviation skills in Botswana and to overcome all forms of limitation and other backwardness;
  • Be flexible on access, active in redress, and rigorous on success;
  • Promote equal opportunity and the full development of human potential in the aviation knowledge at all levels;
  • Strive for inter-disciplinary and inter-institutional collaboration and synergy; and value and promote the contribution that all our members make to realising our mission.

To equip our community of aviation students, professionals, industry managers and leaders with lifelong skills we must and will:-

  • Promote the love of learning, the skill of solving problems, and the spirit of critical inquiry and research; and take excellence as the benchmark for all we do.

We are committed to academic freedom, critical scholarship, rational and creative thought, and free inquiry. It is part of our mission to ensure that these ideals live; this necessarily requires dynamic process of finding the balance in a range of choices: choices between freedom and responsibility, rights and obligations, autonomy and accountability, transparency, efficiency, permanence and transience; and of doing this through consultation and debate.