How long does the course take?

A PPL can take up to 4 Months and 9 Months for a CPL. Duration is also subject to other varying factors like personal technical ability, aircraft availability and weather
conditions, among others.

What is Ground School Lectures?

The ground School lectures cover the theory of piloting before flight training. It comprises of modules and subjects that you will be examined on, by the CAAB.

How old is too old to start flying?

You are never too old to start flying. If you are mentally and physically fit (by obtaining a valid CAAB Medical License), then you can fly! The CAAB regulation however restricts a pilot over 65 years from flying as a Pilot-In-Command (PIC).

Is my License from IAS internationally recognised?

IAS – Aviation Academy is licensed by Civil Aviation Authority of Botswana to train Private and Commercial pilots. After passing all CAAB theory and practical testing at IAS, you are issued a CAAB license that is recognised by International Civil Aviation Organisation (CAO) member states. You would have to convert and validate your CAAB issued license to meet the regulations and requirements of the respective local Civil Aviation Authority of the country that you intend to fly in.

What planes do you have?

We have a mixed fleet of old and new generation aircraft. From out new generation glass cockpit aircraft, we have the sling aircraft. IAS has four sling 2 aircraft and two Sling 4 aircraft. From the old generation fleet we have the traditional Cessna 150 and Cessna 172, the Piper Arrow 2 and Beech-craft Baron 55 (our multi-engine)

Do i have to stay on Campus?

Contract students, such as those from the Botswana Government Programme, have to stay on campus, Private students may however stay off campus, although on-campus arrangements are recommended as it allows students to better interact during the demanding training.

Does IAS offer any sponsorship or bursaries?

Not at present. Applicants have to source their own sponsorship of funding. We will however be considering sponsorship programme in due course.

What courses does IAS offer?

At IAS – Aviation Academy, we offer Private Pilot License (PPL), Commercial Pilot License (CPL) and various Ratings.

What must I do to enrol?

Please see “Requirements” for this section.