Commercial Pilot License

Commercial  Pilot License

  • WP_20131219_008A CPL is the minimum license required for employment in professional (remunerated) flying positions. Charter companies as well as small airlines have an appetite for CPL holders in Botswana. If you aim high and work hard enough, you may work your way into major airlines all over the world. With the right determination and effort, global possibilities are endless.
  • The CPL allows you to carry passengers and/or cargo for remuneration. It is a big step into a career in commercial aviation. A minimum flight number of 200 Hours and the passing of all eight (8) theoretical examinations is required by Civil Aviation Authority of Botswana (CAAB) to test for your issuance of a CPL.
  • With the Instrument (IFR) and Multi-Engine rating on your commercial license, you will be able to fly at night, high above the clouds and operate type-rated aircraft that have more than one engine.
  • A CPL at IAS entails the following components:
Full Time Unit
Advanced Handling   14 50.0 hrs
Night Flying    3 15.0 hrs
Advanced Navigation    4 30.0 hrs
International Operations    3 25.5 hrs
Multi-Engine    3 15.0 hrs
IFR Procedure Training    3 15.0 hrs
Commercial Prep    3 10.0 hrs
Ground School Lectures   1 Pack
Course Print Material   1 Pack
Total  33 Weeks 160.0 hrs

Course Duration
: It can take up to 9 Months to complete a CPL, should you undertake it on a full time basis.

Course Commencement: On-going