Application Steps

  1. Download the Application from our website.
  2. Read and understand the application form and instructions thereof.
  3. DTEF candidates: Fill in the application form and get your guardian to sign on last page (you can fill in the form on your own or in the presence of IAS personnel so as to clarify some details regarding course selection).
    PRIVATE candidates: Please call the Accountable Manager or the Chief Flying Instructor to set up an appointment and to check on availability of spots or instructors. Only fill in what is applicable: personal information, previous flying experience (if any) and next of kin/contact person. Sign the back page and date it.
  4. You will then be furnished with a letter for clearing your fingerprints at the nearest police station.
  5. IAS does not apply for DTEF sponsorship for students. In the past, we have helped the students by submitting the sponsorship applications as a bunch to DTEF but it does not mean we are applying for the students’ sponsorship or applying in their stead. All students who have special (situations e.g. those that have been sponsored before) will have to individually attend to them (and not IAS management)